Reception Counters

Reception Counters

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Counters For Reception Areas Are A Convenient Solution That Not Only Blends With The Other Pieces Of Furniture, But Also Is Simple And Easy To Install

Reception counters are practical, elegant, and are made of the same materials as office partitions. This allows for selecting one style solution for the entire interior of a room. The only thing that the customer must determine is the size and the configuration. Reception counters are made to order, the counter sizes are determined based on the number of employees, and on the parameters of the equipment being used.

A reception counter is the central element of the entrance area, which creates the first impression of the premises as a whole. In order to blend the counter with the interior space, Practika Office Furniture in Lahore offers a wide range of finishing materials, including plastics of various textures and colors, wood veneer of valuable and exotic wood, glass and stone.

Reception counters made to custom orders permit implementation of creative ideas of designers and satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers.